we had an invitation to house-sit family friend’s place over the week and so we took the opportunity to head to the coast and enjoy the ocean. wednesday proved to be an amazing day, feeling like summer with sun, light winds and epic waves.

 the breathtaking view;

 isaiah got to try out the trampoline in the morning, this boy is growing in confidence every day!;

waipu cove feels like a second home to me. it is a beach we have lived by and always visited. the conditions were amazing on the day and i couldn’t help but stand back with gratefulness to have this at our doorstep.

 the tide was king and it was powerful, actually knocking Isaiah off his feet – but he was OK; hubby got in the water and blew off some cobwebs from his surfboard, making the most of the great conditions;

our boy, loving the wide open space and started chasing the ‘che-che’s’ (seagulls), he cottons-on quick this one!

joanne and rebekah came to visit and we had lunch together – enjoying the sun and catching up;

 lush spring growth;

 pink breaking through;

the day illuminated the diverse trees and wildlife around these parts. i saw lots of birds but being able to get so close to a kereru {native wood pigeon} was a major buzz. 


i wish this day could have gone on and on, but after some restless nights (our boy didn’t cope well in the port-a-cot), we have returned home to our own pillows and the rolling hills of the countryside.

thankful for a short escape and to let the sea air cleanse and refresh us. 

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