we have been back in new zealand for seven weeks now and in this time i have found my camera not too far from my reach. if i need to get out of the house, i jump in the car and go and find a new road to drive down and stop to enjoy this beautiful area we find ourselves in. 
it hasn’t been hard to find rolling green hills and stunning picturesque scenes that are a far cry from our inner city dwelling for the last four years. 
spring has finally sprung and we are enjoying more temperate weather {and more rain as i type this post!}, blues and greens embrace and cleanse my thoughts with each exploration. 

 {i sent the above photo into one of our local newspapers, it was published on Thursday Sept 25!}

i am so thankful for capturing these scenes, and through this process falling for this area. it really is so majestic and peaceful.

tangihua are the mountain ranges that over arch this countryside and from hubby’s new school, the words ‘ka tu i te ao, ka tu i te po’ ring true. Tangihua stands firm in the day and firm in the night.

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