we celebrate isaiah being 21 months today! he is our fast-moving, busy, sharing and kind boy.

isaiah loves to spot the animals on our drives through the countryside and point them out much to our surprise {because we often haven’t noticed them!}, especially ‘che-che’s’ {birds}.
he is growing in confidence and trying new things all the time, happily going to daycare three days a week and making new friends.
lots of people comment at how coordinated he is, dribbling and throwing small and large balls.

words: we have used certain signs with isaiah since he was 10 months old too, he still uses quite a few even now

iyah – isaiah
peese/ee – please
tank u – thank you
nana – banana
wowo – water
wawa – tarla
adah – don’t/i’m not happy

he tends to not like playing on his own but can quite often be found engrossed in a book or watching family videos on the iPad, tarla is a favourite now and he has learned to pat her gently but still pulls her tail! a few times we have stressed because, after calling for him, he can’t be found and then crawls out of her dog house!

isaiah is an amazing sleeper now, wakes up happy and chirping to himself. he loves tickle fights and playing ‘isaiah says’ and is crazy about crackers and bananas. when we want to get shoes or a jacket on it’s an invitation to play ‘chase isaiah’. he seeks out daddy more now and learning to feed himself. isaiah likes being called a ‘big boy’, complementing his independence. he was taught how to fist pump during our american holiday and loves to do that after a high five. gives hugs and kisses freely and loves to dance but not always if we cramp his style and join in!

he is our determined boy.

we love you isaiah, we are so proud of you.

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