letting go, when all I want to do is prove myself to you, to me, to everyone
letting go, while dragging a heavy, tumbling rock that threatens to sink
letting go, when I am so ashamed; ‘I wanted a success story dammit!’
letting go, because it’s drenched me dry of any energy or will to dream

letting go, of all that is burning to be answered and instead remembering that silence can be cleansed afresh with new sounds that explode with life; helping me to hold on

holding on, wrestling with abandoned moments
holding on, when life changes course and the ride is terrifying
holding on, to hands outstretched and feathers covering
holding on, to words, to promises, to vows, to tomorrows

holding on, holding on, and letting go

:: words by clare hubbard ::

a new addition to the mantlepiece, flax flowers from our wedding. i didn’t know what to do with them after unpacking and so decided to display them in a simple glass vase. it’s a quiet reminder of that special day, and what it means to us.

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