a regular post sharing some key words that make up the month and what it means to me… i want to look back on each year, and have a whole glossary of words that represent the seasons and journeys i have faced.

we are living in the country now!
we are surrounded by animals and birds and wear gumboots pretty much every day. it’s a big difference from our four years in south east asia. it feels like a treat.

transitioning is such a weird thing, especially when you are unemployed looking for that next job. lots of mixed emotions these days from missing my wonderful friends to enjoying nostalgic treats that i haven’t tasted for so long. it’s a process, i just have to remember that.

i am just loving connecting on there, it’s my creative outlet by way of sharing pics of what’s happening around our neighbourhood and day to day. you can follow me here and we can be friends!

when the sun is out or maybe not, we can be found outside making the most of the light and the space. it means a lot for our boy to be enjoying his new environment and exploring.

What word(s) best describe life right now?
Would love to hear from you!

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