we had three weeks together before his heart stopped and we were left without our tenacious v.





our crazy beautiful vince. as much as he was my dog, given to me for christmas 2004 by my brother, he was my mum’s companion too. they understood each other well, mum looking after vince and tarla all the years we were away overseas.

a loyal protector, excitable and a true gentlemen according to my gran. he was always crazy about fetching, it only took two practices at 8 weeks old! he loved lemons, and would eat them slowly. he thought lemon trees were just ball trees, he was only smoochy at night and would happily put himself to bed, he could be easily be wound up by tarla but they both made a good team.

mr. v – it’s so strange without you right now. thank you for always being my friend, thank you for the memories and the laughs.

a few have said that he waited for me to come back home before leaving, and i like to think that’s true.  i am grateful for many things but mostly, that i had that last ride with you to the vet where i patted you slowly and reassuringly, not knowing that was our last time together.

you will never be forgotten. 

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