i have had this sitting as a draft ready to send and now finally can from the warm land of the USA…

it is the time to say farewell to our friends and family in korea as we return to new zealand, our home where our goal is to sow into our home soil and put down roots as a family.

farewell comes from the old saying of ‘fare thee well’; meaning ‘i hope you prosper’.

community has often been at the heart to our commitment of living in south korea, intertwined amongst the challenges and possibilities we face every day. this season away from our home has served as a teacher; edifying us as we manage transition and connecting with others from different backgrounds; developing commonalities and understanding. it really has been a significant time we will take with us.

community is what keeps you sane and what reminds you that you are not an outsider, when that is often the message you face in the streets you cross through. you have to have community, create connections, just ‘be’ with people. that is definitely one of the greatest things i will miss.

the challenge now is the intricate balance of holding on and letting go. i’m one of those idealists that like to have everything wrapped up with a happy ending. but sometimes that just isn’t so. i am thankful for being taught things that i would never have experienced, for my eyes being opened to new and exciting opportunities and for the acceptance and love even when I may have been falling apart or ‘shedding off my old skin’.

i recall a simple moment’s conversation on the school stairwell as i left a farewell function in my last week, my response to the common question of ‘how is everything going?’ was to burst out with worry and too many words about the future and how very confused i was feeling. my hand was held and sincerely countered by, ‘it is going to be AMAZING and FANTASTIC!’, i took a deep breath and smiled as tears rolled down my cheeks. trusting her and the whispers of my heart. it really moved me to remember that there is always new tomorrows and new moments that will make your heart lift and your soul continue to be inspired.

i imagine us all spread across the globe, still connected and being drawn together through our memories. the world really is a smaller place now in this age.

we have grown and been challenged in our time here and sincerely hold this place in our hearts. thank you is not enough by I will always be grateful for this time. always.

prosper well GSIS and loved ones. until we meet again, arohanui.

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