for our easter weekend we decided to take a day trip to a new place we had never been to, a privately owned half-moon island in the middle of the han river – naminara republic. a very quick ferry ride across the river took us to this interesting place…

we traveled around the island on a bicycle cart where mark drove, i manned the horn and brake and isaiah held on… as you can see, our boy was a major fan and didn’t want to leave when we went exploring.

we also had to take a family photo at the heart sculpture but someone didn’t want to play happy families…

running, running, running…

being amongst the trees and the water was very good for the soul, the fresh air and breeze…

there was a lot of wildlife to see and birds to hear… we tried to capture the squirrels as we sat, but they were so fast!

i am so thankful we could take this trip and make special memories in new places. it is not long now until we move from the land of the morning calm so we want to make the most of it and this beautiful season of spring!
what are you loving?

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