Spring is finally here on the peninsula… With spring returns the sound of birds, colour and vitality. There is something so magical about life ‘springing’ back from the bleak and barren nature of winter here.

Being able to take our ‘outside boy’ out into beautiful sunny, warm days is a dream come true. He is loving to explore these new surroundings and our local parks.

I am an observer for now, soaking up this time as I watch my boys have fun together sliding, scooting, running and hiding & seeking. 

Our busy toddler is no longer learning to walk, he is running! Loving wide open spaces and steps… 

And I am currently in a leg cast due to a broken bone and ruptured ligament. In two weeks I will go back to evaluate and find out the next steps. I am staying optimistic and switching my thinking to long-term; I want to be able to walk and not roll this ankle in many years to come.

And hey, don’t you think the colour suits well for this season? I thought so too!

What are you up to these days? How is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere?

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