isaiah’s first birthday was a memorable moment for our family. the start of a new era of celebrations and wonderful memory making. our boy’s big first birthday was not just a party but a celebration of what the year meant to us. it was a gathering of those unique people who encouraged us and were there for us even though it was from across the ocean.

i loved this day and the weather, the green, the park… we had arrived the day before from a wintery south korea so it was very surreal at different points in the day…

some aspects to note:

as much as celebrating was a highlight, i also loved planning and preparing for the party which my mum helped with immensely; collecting packages of things i had sent to her house and preparing all the food. we make a great team!

i found the invite image on etsy and was able to contact the designer and have it ready to print within 5 days. it was a quick and easy process for the cost of $5USD!

mum had the idea to create the map of 100 aker wood but based on mair park in whangarei. we had the group photos taken under the tree of piglet’s house and then to finish the afternoon took a walk and located many of the trees on the map and had a game of ‘pooh sticks’ off the bridge; it was a fun touch.

our pinterest inspiration board was great place to share ideas as we were planning this party from two countries!

party photo credit: Sarah Marshall Photography

if you are in the whangarei or the northland area i would strongly recommend to contact sarah for all your event photography needs. she captured our party so well and glossed over any issues, like fly away helium balloons and forgetting to share cake etc!

thanks to everyone who made this day a special memory for us all and a day isaiah will look back on for years to come.

:: holding on to the good ::


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