Our big one-year-old boy, we celebrate this milestone and the joy you bring us all!

We had a week of celebrations both in Korea and New Zealand to celebrate reaching one year.  Your actual birth day was very special because we planted ‘your’ tree at our land in Ruakaka. Your tree is a puriri, and we chose it because it attracts many native birds but also is an evergreen tree with beautiful flowers in the winter. We pray it grows strong and healthy as we pray that for you.

It was wonderful to share this with our family and friends visiting from South Korea.

Isaiah, at one year, you…

** are so open to meeting new family members and friends
** can navigate yourself up and down stairs; you spot stairs and head straight for them!
** hold your lips pursed when you are focusing or a surprised
** move things away with your hands
** bite objects to test them out
** use facial expressions to share how you feel a lot
** initially were afraid of our dogs (Tarla and Vince) as they licked your toes as we held you but very quickly after that crawled after them and wanted to pat them; but on your terms

Here you are looking through Nan’s cat door at the doggies, you were so fascinated by them!

** are amazing to fly with, such a good boy sleeping and resting on the flights
** need your mummy time, but also like to spend time with your daddy, doing fun things
** can say you own name ‘Iyah’
** can respond to the game, ‘Where is… ? And point to the person
** love, love, love the outdoors – don’t like to be couped up for too long
** enjoy eating marmite on toast and crackers
** are attracted to any sort of animal
** continue to wave ‘bubye’ and ‘hi’ throughout the day, you understand that others respond to this, so you like to interact using it
** can say ‘hello’
** are walking so confidently now but still sometimes need to move around quickly on all fours
** like pushing things along the ground now
** love water and got to go to the beach and ate sand for the first time!

On your first birthday I was constantly looking at my watch and remembering back to that time on your birth day, it felt so far yet so vivid too. What a year it has been Isaiah Kenneth, the best yet! May you continue to grow, explore and learn throughout the next year. We love you so much. We are so proud to be your parents.

Mummy and Dadda

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