{ Copycat } 
Our boy is mimicking us in so many ways, so much fun. What is it that we want him to copy and what is it that we don’t?!

{ Tea }

It’s definitely tea season here and I received a glass tea infuser for a ridiculously good purchase price this week. I am loving the options it gives me, especially when I have been battling a head cold. For me tea is so comforting.

{ Wrapping up }
A new handmade beanie to enjoy, new warm socks, moccasins, jacket and mittens. New challenges with keeping our little one warm against the cool mornings as we walk to school or play in the leaves. Aware that we are going to be the pale ones going back in NZ in three weeks.

{ Chilly }
The weather has finally turned to more cold than not. The last of the amber colors are fading but there are still clear days with the sun pushing through those leaves continuing to hold on against the cold. Last just a bit longer, please!

{ What word sums up life for you right now? }

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