Our Cheeky, can you believe that you are eleven months today? Because I certainly cant! Over the last month you have soared in confidence and definitely want to tell us what you think or feel. You communicate lots through your emotions and facial expressions, signing and some words! We love to see you excited about new things and making connections with things you have experienced before.

Eleven months is 8,035 hours counted up… over 334 days of growing and learning and adventuring; together.

Isaiah, at eleven months you…

** clap when you are excited or proud of yourself
** wave now and it is usually with just your hand and wrist moving
** sign to us, ‘all done’ and ‘milk’
** love, love, love music which is usually followed by some dancing

** are zooming around so fast on your hands and knees
** really love to be on your feet and getting confident to do it one-handed all the time
** can climb the slide at the ELC all by yourself
** use mama and dada to share about lots of things, ‘mum’ means food!
** can say hi and what sounds like your own name!
** hold your own water bottle and feed yourself really well
** love playing with doors or wardrobe doors, opening and closing them brings a lot of laughs
** continue to love the ELC and in the mornings sometimes don’t even notice when we leave!
** have started to walk behind a trolley that we borrowed from your friend Elliana, smiling all the way

** have found your appetite again and love mandarins and bread especially
** poke your tongue out
** test something new by biting or tasting it with your mouth
** are very determined when you want something (even when we take it from you)
** have a ticklish neck like mummy
** love the temperamental music spin top we have and bop to it every time music plays
** respond to the skype sound that begins
** have golden hair that is getting long, maybe your first haircut will come soon?
** went on your first and final bike ride around the reservoir, we will be ready for spring to come again to enjoy it once more ~ you were so brave!

Here, where we live in South Korea, you get a lot of attention, my boy. Your fair hair and your big blue eyes stand out and attract people. You have really learned to cope with it, but sometimes we have to gently remind people not to expect a smile all the time. I hope that you learn through all of this that you were created uniquely by God and that no matter what He loves you for who you are. God looks at your heart, he loves you more than you would know. Our love for you is so strong but we know your designer loves you and has created you with amazing gifts that will be unlocked as you grow and develop.

We are getting so excited to celebrate your first birthday in only a month’s time! What a time of celebration for us, and for you!

You bring so much joy, and I praise God because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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