Last year for the first time we visited the Garden of the Morning Calm; beautifully established ornamental grounds set in the hills of Gapyeong-gun. Thinking back to that visit, I was just about ready to fly back to NZ a month earlier than Mark in order to prepare for baby Hub’s arrival. It was our last chance to document our time as expectant parents.

So it was so fantastic to take Isaiah back to the same places and think back about all the changes and journeys we have gone through together since then. It surely has been remarkable.

It was an early start to the day, venturing there with a large group of our colleagues and friends, to miss the crowds that come in the afternoon. We enjoyed the freshness and space that we miss so much when we think of home.

Isaiah is already such an outdoor boy, as I have shared before, taking in the surrounds and even noticing insects and other things around the place.

This unique tree is called the ‘Millennium Juniper’. It is a one of kind shape and commands respect from it’s own view point. I love the contrast of deep green and the bright blue of the sky.

It’s never boring to look across colorful landscape and breathe in air so fresh and clear. We definitely want to make it back in the spring when all the delicate blossoms signal the change of season that is the most dramatic in this country. We’re looking forward to it already!

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