One of my favorite festivals here in Korea is the Icheon Ceramic festival ~ held in a small town which is known to foster talent and creativity through this ancient art.

We ended up going twice this year! The return trip was to pick up a piece that will commemorate baby Hub’s first birthday which I will share at a later date.

The surrounds are just beautiful at this time of year, there is freshness amongst the hills which we don’t always experience in the city.

There is food to sample too, and on the second trip, I had to stop and sample a german-style sausage… Oh so tasty!

The people are very friendly and enjoy interacting, we had many people coming and talking with us while perusing the stalls. I love to see raw talent and individualism shown here, as quite often we don’t see that flair in other areas of society. 

It was a beautiful day to share with my boy and by the look of his tired eyes it was time for a nap in the car as we ventured home on the motorway.

Thank you Icheon, I hope we find another opportunity to visit soon!

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