This is at the picnic we had at the reservoir with Melissa. 
You were fascinated with my sunglasses 
and were very intrigued by how they worked.

Isaiah, we had a great week hanging out together and doing trips around Seoul and Suwon! You really love being outside and experiencing new things. We went to a park one day and you just loved standing on the seat looking at everything. What did you see I wonder?

We also went to the zoo, just you and I. It was a beautiful morning as we walked around the enclosures. You especially liked the tigers and the snakes – taking a little toy snake home with you too. You have been exploring every part of our apartment, and spending lots of time on your feet – your new happy place! Thanks for the great memories my boy. Lots of love!  Mummy XO

Our little Peanut, how fast you are developing; learning something new everyday. Mummy and I are so proud to see you constantly challenging yourself and we love your inquisitive nature. You like nothing more than going on “adventures”.

This Chuseok you went for many walks around Yeongtong, explored the Yeongtong Lake Park about four times and did a big trip to the beach at Incheon. Too bad you only got to paddle in the water twice. Although you did have a swim and many “bathy times” to make up for it. This holiday we got up most mornings to watch the Americas cup, but sometimes you sleep in and we missed it. You are getting much faster at crawling and have spent many hours practicing standing too..It was great to share these memories together and I can’t wait for the next Holiday back in NZ!

       Love, Daddy

All photos taken on my iphone.

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