You are nine months today, Isaiah!

If I could tell you this, I think you would whoop with joy and clap your hands ~ you love to do that when you are excited. You are keeping mummy and daddy on their toes these last couple of weeks as you are moving everywhere! And this week you have been pulling yourself up, on anything possible, to be on your feet. Once you are there, you are reaching and finding things to explore all around our apartment. You have such a thirst for new experiences.

Isaiah, at nine months you…

** love books, especially the book ‘My Dad’ that was a present for father’s day to your daddy; you recognize that pictures are a cue for some reaction from you and the reader too!
** peekaboo and laugh especially at the cat card
** are full-on into crawling, moving around the room quickly
** are pulling yourself up on everything! You just love love love to be on your feet
** throw and kick ballsΒ 
** have started to move along the couch slowly to get to something you want
** are sleeping better through the night again with usually on one early morning wake up time

** have started to get to know our friends at school better, happily going to people you recognize and trust
** always pull the star and tortoise off your ‘little vegas’ toy ~ systemically!
** love to be tickled and surprised
** have started to rough-house with your dad
** have eight teeth now!
** learning to know when you are not supposed to do something πŸ˜‰ Like the forbidden shelf in the living room

** love splashing so much in water that you even splashed mummy in the eye from a meter away!
** have started to smile when skyping with your nan & grandad and nana
** have a crush on Mrs. Jang at the ELC (who has now gone on maternity leave ~ we will very much miss her!)
** eat like a little trooper, loving yoghurt and nectarines, grapes and have tried so many other things now
** can spend half a day with daddy with no worries
** are a little pincher, mummy has bruises on her arm to prove it!
** imitate our voices and like to experiment with your voice with us both
** are intrigued by moving things
** sometimes while I am talking take my face and move it to you and then giggle
** are sleeping soundly in your own bed
** are William’s number one fan; you think he is the bee’s knees!

Isaiah, you are already an outside-boy ~ you can’t be cooped up inside for too long. You especially love going for big walks with your daddy. You are a magnet for attention here in the ‘Land of the morning calm’ and you are learning to look back and take in your admirers. You let me know when you are unsure of something and we quickly reassure you that we are there. We are so proud of you, for your natural inquisitiveness and joy that you bring. We are now three quarters of the way to your first year celebration in NZ! I can wait but I know you can’t!

‘Little boy, you remind me how so much depends on days made of now.’
From ‘Little Boy’ by Alison McGhee


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4 replies on “isaiah: nine months!

  1. What a precious treasure he is. So blessed to be a part of this journey to 1 with you πŸ™‚ The last bit goes fast! Enjoy the next three months. Bring on a summer first birthday party.


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