Happy eight months, Isaiah! You are two-thirds of the way to your 1st birthday… It’s full speed ahead. You are learning so much.

Isaiah, at eight months you…

are very vocal, share how you feel easily
love tags of things, you would rather seek those out to play with than the toy sometimes
always want to be on your feet
watch other little ones walking around and so very much want to join them
have seven teeth now!
can roll over and are very busy perfecting your ability to crawl forwards (you scoot backwards no trouble!)

adore shadows
your favorite game is still peekaboo, but you have other fun games you play with daddy and you just laugh and laugh
eat food like a little champ, your favorite is still pumpkin but this month you have also tried carrots, oatmeal, sweet potato, apple, yoghurt, nectarine, orange, egg

want whatever mummy and daddy have
sleep on your side a lot now
can be very social but sometimes need just mummy
are grappling with the heat and never complain about the stickiness we have to endure at the moment
respond to music ~  always calm down when we sing to you
are developing your own sense of humor and I love when you share a hearty laugh with us
are super quick with your hands and grab at things
are fascinated by balls and love to explore; rolling them back to us
enjoy swimming,  splashing with your hands and getting yourself in the face!
are in your own room now but sometimes try to sneak into our bed in the early mornings by not settling
have times now when you just want to be with daddy
are warming to Piglet 2.0 (the replacement)
roll over without a problem now and practice your crawling when we come to find you in your cot

My fast growing boy, you have been cutting teeth so quick in the last week, I can’t keep up! You are continuing to love to try new foods, practicing your chewing motion now. You have settled well back into the ELC at school and know your carers and friends; showing excitement when you arrive there in the morning. There is lots of stimulation and interaction with new things there… It keeps you busy! We have been regularly skyping family and you get really excited whenever computers or other devices come out, you already know that you can hit the buttons and there is a response!

Zip a de do dah! These are wonderful days, the hours, the minutes, the seconds we get to spend with you and join in as you explore everything around you.

I treasure you.

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2 replies on “isaiah: eight months!

  1. What happened to Piglet 1.0? He is a priceless young man. Don't forget you have a baby sitter for emergency purposes. He has priceless parents as well. That is how this beautiful family works. I LOOOOOVE the Hubbard family. God has blessed you greatly!


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