Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus
1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

Thankfulness. Thankful in every situation. I have been challenged to re-establish my attitude with a heart set on being grateful and it’s funny how when you do this, situations come that will stretch that desired focus to it’s limit.

This here is an image of peek hour traffic in Seoul, of which the greater city area is the second largest metropolitan area in the world; only second to Tokyo.

On Thursday I was traveling into Seoul to celebrate a close friend’s birthday. Everything was going well, I wasn’t late and the air conditioning was pleasant as I made my way along one of the main highways. Towards the end I noticed the clutch was not springing back as it normally would and in the end I had to take off my sandal and grip it with my toes to pull it back out! Not worrying too much about that I reached the center of the city and that is when it happened. I could not get the car out of gear… Horns soon were blaring their disgust as I was caught in peak hour traffic and was stuck. I quickly put on my hazard lights (which pretty much means you can do anything in your car here!) and found a space behind an island in the middle of a road – three lanes on either side, whizzing past me with noone noticing or stopping. I sat there stunned.

A quick message to my husband via FB showed that he was busy and was not going to respond immediately and I chose not to worry my friends because that would spoil their dinner so I ended up in a very random chat with my mum all the way in New Zealand! Hubby finally responded and gave me the insurance number and policy I needed and that is where the situation went down hill further. After three attempts to contact our insurance I realized that the speaker on my phone was also not working! Yikes, what to do – oh yeah did I remind you that it was 31C as well?

I had about an hour’s wait and I could have been worked up and crying (which can often be my default setting when in stressful situations) but I found myself thankful. Remembering my effort to give thanks in all situations. I was thankful that my son was not with me (and I was very close to taking him with me), thankful for friends who are a huge support and a husband who was cool and calm and checking on me as best he could.

In the end my friends and Hubby contacted the insurance for me and the tow truck driver came to my rescue in record time! There were a few things lost in translation but I kept my cool. I drove back in the tow truck and laughed the whole way. What more could I do?

Life is like a mirror: frown at it and it frowns back at you; smile, and it smiles too. 
— Herbet Samual
I am so glad I smiled in that situation because it would have been so much harder if I hadn’t had set that as my response.

**Thankfulness opens the door to His presence. A grateful attitude is one effective way of opening the door and letting Him come closer to your situation.

**Thankfulness is built on a substructure of trust. When thankful words stick in your throat (don’t come out easily), it is time to check up on your foundation of trust. 

**When thankfulness 
flows freely from your heart and lips, let your gratitude draw you closer again to Him.

**Thankfulness will also cushion the impact of trials when they come. Giving thanks regularly awakens our awareness to a multitude of blessings.

This beautiful lady has a story, with a past that none of us would want to repeat. Her wisdom sinks deep down deep in me.

I hope you are encouraged by her message.
Boy am I thankful for that and you!

2 replies on “in all circumstances

  1. OH, no…sorry Clare….Peter's clutch eh…? Glad you had that revelation of wisdom before having the testing situation, but so sorry to hear of car trouble…I hope it is easily (and cheaply) fixed for you. Contact Frank and Gita to find out where they took it as they had lots of work done successfully with someone…and we benefited from that by having no hassles with it.


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