Here’s another first Isaiah, we are celebrating your seven months in Australia ~ you have been to four different countries already my boy, our little traveler!

Isaiah, at seven months, you…

*** say mum-mum-mum, babababa and chat like we really should know what you are saying
*** love the peekaboo game more than ever, which never fails to help us snap you out of any fussy mood
*** love to pull earrings, hair and daddy’s beard that he has grown these holidays
*** gurgle and coo when you are happy
*** are eating pumpkin, banana, baby cereal and stewed apples with no problem, I love the face you give when you take your first mouthful!
*** love to be on your feet and often wont’ bend your knees to sit down
*** are always friendly and brandish a warm smile easily
*** love to drum
*** listen to mum and dad tell you when you need to go into the mountain buggy or car chair, which makes a difference and you do it without any fuss
*** play independently and love your Piglet more than ever
*** are 9kg and counting!
*** have your own Baltic amber necklace, which seems to be helping your teething pains
*** have met both your baby cousins in the same month
*** give great neck hugs with your arms squeezing tight
*** love to jump especially in the jolly jumper bought by your grandparents
*** had your final immunizations for your first year in NZ! Yay!
*** sit more and more by yourself and don’t fall too often now
*** don’t enjoy have your face being washed anymore 😦
*** have whispies (baby hair) that are getting longer and longer ~ we call them your quail tail

You are a little dynamite and your personality has come through so much this last month. We have really put a lot of challenges in front of you with extensive travel and you have risen every single time. We are proud of the way you are so friendly to everyone, taking time to let everything sink in first, then brandishing a welcoming smile. Your nan Michele, granddad Ken and nana Christine all loved spending time with you and say it is too quiet without you after we left NZ. You have also been intrigued with our two dogs, Tarla and Vince and can’t help take your eyes off them, you would love to pat them but you were a bit unsure. You made friends with Pop and Kay’s dogs after an initial fright from Charlie.

You are into the second half of your first year and I feel as your mum, it is going all too fast. I keep wanting to capture every new experience on film or photo but I am just loving seeing it through your eyes and knowing that you are a little sponge helps your dad and I too always think first about you.

Isaiah, you really just want anything that your dad or I eat, because now you know what food is all about. Drinking water is a new one and you are starting to enjoy it. We have prepared our lounge furniture for when you start to move around but really wonder if you might just skip crawling and go for walking straight off! You just want to be up and about all the time now our boy!

Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives, for your laughs in the morning, your cheek pinches back at us and your love of peekaboo

It’s so fun with you and us.

Kiss Kiss my darling. xx

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