It really is.

After the craziness of May, I didn’t realize how nice it is to get refreshed and cherish a little quietness in these here parts.

We are loving being home and sharing our boy with family and friends.

I will be back with photos from our trip to the far north of New Zealand and our little twinkle toes… I hope you are all well…

What have you been up to? It’s been too long!

2 replies on “Silence is golden

  1. Thanks for sharing May with us – what a risk-taker you are!! May of all months…I enjoyed your writing Clare, and I bet you're really laid back and relaxed by now. It is so nice being 'home' – we are down here sitting in the lovely warm lounge of our new home, chilling out; fire on; just basking !!! Don't need sunshine for that. We've had some lovely family times and spent a long weekend down with Invercargill family and friends…just back today to home. It feels like home more and more, even though it's still 'new'! Loving it eh…:) God bless!!


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