Wow, Isaiah we are celebrating you reaching six months when we are in New Zealand, at home with our family. You are so loved!

What a busy boy you are now… You are quick to notice details and love to take in what we are doing and focusing on. We have conquered the ear infections so far and you are taking teething on with a lot of patience… Sometimes pushing both fists into your mouth and burying your face in our shoulders, you are tough! We think you are ready for food soon, trying to grab things from our hands and pretending to drink water from a glass. It feels like you have always been here, our little bright spark, bringing us together more than ever. 

Isaiah at six months, you

*** are so strong, pulling anything you can grab to you
*** have two little lower toothy-pegs that I call your ‘piranhas’ because they are so sharp!
*** can roll over with and without help
*** have learned to look up when out and about, we live in Asia of course everything is high up!
*** do backstroke on the bed and moves along on your back
*** love to say ba’ aba aba and Mrs. Jang, one of your carers at the ELC is sure you are saying
       ‘Apa’ which is father in Hangul (Korean)
*** will let us know if you like or do not like something by pushing away or getting upset
*** have loved meeting your cousins, uncles, auntys and grandparents again on this trip
*** LOVE peekaboo and you can easily snap out of an upset mood with an impromptu game
*** are full of smiles for anyone who amuses you

*** love bathes with daddy and are getting more confident to grab things and float/splash by yourself
*** arch your back like a pro
*** love the countdown of three-two-one and then getting rocketed into the air
*** complete pushups without hesitation when you are on your stomach
*** are developing a sense of humor and find simple things hillarious, like when I dropped a towel that I was hanging on the clothes horse to dry
*** know that your daddy is fun and that your mummy is your security right now

*** respond when daddy arrives home by jumping up and down

Here is a special moment ~ meeting your little cousin for the first time, we were so proud!

Baby Hub, you are halfway to your first year celebration… I am in awe of how fast you are developing and who you are. I love to imagine you all grown up and your character. We pray for you, that you will be a healthy, strong man of God who knows who you are and that you choose to be a positive influence to those around you.

I love being your mummy.

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One thought on “isaiah: six months!

  1. This is truly beautiful Clare. You boy is such a delight – Jesse and I so wish to meet him. We would love to know what it's like having a little one so far from NZ and family. We are missing NZ big time. Hope you are both well. Our love and blessings xxx


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