letting go.












Learning to loosen expectation
Entering carefully
Towards detaching a false sense of responsibility
Then removing the belief of thinking that
I should be here and doing all and achieving this.
Now learning to accept and to
Grip the unknown; forgive and bless with deep breaths.

Giving all my burdens to Him,
Only to hope for freedom, peace in the release and a new level of trust.

yesterday morning, sitting on the couch preparing for the day, i caught myself hearing ‘you can’t do it, you haven’t go what it takes, this is too much for you’…. flip.

i stopped for a second and was suddenly so aware of what I was telling myself. i was shocked that these thoughts could override my emotional well being before i had even stepped out the door.  what I was feeding my soul – was toxic and so crippling, i was thankful that i suddenly was able to ‘hear’ what i was thinking.

when i wrote this poem above, i was thinking of letting go of my thought patterns that creep in.

freedom in the letting go of negativity and choosing to feed my soul with truth and positive affirmations.

that’s my letting go.

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