an early morning swim in the harbour outside my friend’s parents house. heart fluttering, laughing and full of joy at this young man who always captured my excitement for adventures and the outdoors. 

a day beginning that is to be a vivid memory. challenging ourselves to swim to an outlying buoy. swimming back with our sidekicks (dogs) running around and loving it as much as us. 

walking out of the water, dripping salty water and feeling the sun on my back. grabbing our towels and drying off, capturing each others eyes and trying not too seem to awkward but something hung in the air. 

finding a dry spot on the jetty as the tide lapped underneath and then everything starts to begin. the day, and our lives together. 

suddenly, being asked if he could tell me something… i remember as words poured from his lips, that I couldn’t believe it was happening. my face full of shock and he asking me if everything was OK! that day on the jetty, still brings forth a smile. two hearts ready for love and life, adventures and challenge. 

the jetty was my vivid memory, we would return there many times in our courtship. we called it ‘our bubble’, time would morph into hours as we shared our lives and bared our hearts to each other. 

one day we returned and were hit with absence as the jetty had been ripped away without any warning or consultation. a council decision that brought sobs as I saw our memories ripped away just as the wood had been dismantled. my sentimental heart took some time to accept that.

but on our ‘big day’ we stood with our family and friends on the rocks that connected the jetty to the coast, the spot where it all began. 

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