i’m going to rant about something… get on my soapbox and tell you how i really feel on something.

sometimes the media ticks me off. i’m telling you, the amount of time hubby and i have emailed or skyped to dispel fear of threats from north korea is phenomenal.

don’t get me wrong, the recent threats of nuclear action from north korea were alarming but mostly they have been down right ridiculous.

many questions were asked by family and friends, advising us to prepare for the worst.  in light of this, we took action in some simple ways in order to be prepared if something did take place. we carried our alien cards (i’m an alien, I’m a legal alien) and passports, withdrew a certain amount of cash, we also organised a pack with spare baby supplies, warm clothes, and other items that we may need. we also contacted the nz embassy and had a contingency plan if we needed to leave abruptly. but through all of this, i can say without a shadow of doubt that it did not cause us to feel unsettled or fearful; prepared and prayerful but not fearful. 

because of the history that underlies these recent acts and the way in which they were administered, life really just kept on ticking here. for the most part we hear very little about our neighbours in the north and go on with life as usual. 

i have done a small amount of discovery on the history and why the korea’s are separated and what really is at the forefront of my thoughts is the plight of the north korean people; their lives are in stark contrast to what we witness everyday here.

going back to my first point; i get ticked at the media because they love to ‘sensationalise’ issues which definitely happened in the past month. now we don’t hear anything of it on the news and only two days ago there was a practice drill activity! it is an ongoing situation which needs careful truth but the media hype caused some of my colleagues to feel they had to defend their decisions to be here and living away from home. and that frustrated me.

unification will come one day and when it does my heart will feel it deeply. finally there will be true peace in this land. i wonder what the media will cover on that day?

rant over. and out.

One thought on “getting on my soapbox

  1. great thoughts.
    We wont ever really understand what its like for people of the world living with borders! Little ol NZ is so isolated and the only argy bargy we get is from our annoying but friendly older brother country Auzzie!


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