there are many memories that could be shared but i am going to share a very vivid memory of when my baby brother was born.

i have three little, bigger-than-me brothers, who i love very much. 













when mum was expecting nathan, my youngest brother, i was a very excited 6 year old because i was soooo sure that the baby was going to be a little sister for me. i remember talking to my mum outside one time when she was hanging out the washing and adamantly stating that the baby was a girl. i would dream of playing with the baby and not feeling so outnumbered.

well the day soon followed; we were all sitting on mum and dad’s bed when it was time for them to go to the hospital. we were to stay with family friends that night and would hear as soon as the baby was here. my memory is so vivid of this time because i was so excited to not only get a new little sister but to be staying over night with my friends.

the next morning we were quickly called into the kitchen where dad was on the phone! being the eldest I was to talk first with him. i answered ‘hi dad’ and heard ‘hi clare, guess what? you have another little brother!’, the words echoed down the receiver, ‘oh’ was my reply as i quickly handed the phone. i was devastated! but this was short lived because when i saw my baby brother in a beautiful knitted yellow outfit home with my mum, i felt so protective of him. it never even crossed my mind again, i loved his nature growing up – he was always careful with his toys, loved to follow us around but could be found drawing and doing his own thing. my little-big brother is a spunky, talented, people-person who i miss a lot. i have so many great memories of growing up with my baby brother.

love you, nate! just a funny memory of being your big sis… i wouldn’t have it any other way x

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