This month has been action-packed and incredibly fun as you have developed so much more and in ways we never imagined. It has been the month of battling ear infections and finding your voice more and more. You are a tall boy and everyone comments on how grown up you are. If you get the chance you will choose to stand on those strong legs of yours and look around. You are quick to pick up on things around you and continue to watch your surroundings with your inquisitive nature. Today, you cut your first tooth at exactly 5 months, like a statement saying ‘I am 5 months and I need teeth now!’ I was on top of the world when I felt that little sharp point on my finger but a pang of how fast this is happening!

You also are:

a dribble monster
sitting up all by yourself now but can still get caught off guard with your balance from side to side
putting everything into your mouth
loving to stand up and balance on your dad
learning to roll, and have the look of delight when you accomplish this
making straight arms and give a high screech with your voice to show excitement
loving being in the baby bjorn – our little para-glider
grabbing arms when on the change table
sitting up in the bath with support
loving you favorite toy, piglet – you light up and want to smother him with dribble
having to take medicine and have some pretty crafty tactics against it!
happy to be with dad all by yourself now
loving sitting and looking out the balcony
never not wanting cuddles from us
grabbing things out of our hands
warming up to the idea of skype calls with friends and family
interacting with books when we read to you
starting to show interest in what we eat

My buddy boy, you bring so much joy to me and to see you develop a closer relationship with your dad this month has been so special. There have been moments over the last few weeks where I am overwhelmed with this role I play and also thankfulness for you and your little character. 

‘You are my angel, my darling, my star… 
and my love will find you, wherever you are.’ 
(From here)


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