something difficult about my “lot in life” and how you’re working to overcome it


i have decided to talk about change. 

throughout my life growing up and subsequently as an adult, there has been constant movement and adjusting to family situations that at times have been difficult. there has been constant change and for my ‘peacemaker‘ nature, it has been hard to prepare for this and the fear of loss has been all too great.

i really don’t want to appear a whiner in this post but i think it has created in me a mechanism that overly anticipates change and the hardships that comes with it.

for example, i am already anticipating when we move back from korea and how this will go for me and my family. the decision is not made yet and i am not dwelling on it but it does bring forth questions like, ‘how is life going to look back home?’, ‘will i have friends?’, ‘will i find enough challenge?’…

my hubby is so made for me because he often listens to these questions and can calm the ‘what ifs’ i have. i am working to overcome this by acknowledging the questions i have and preparing myself for new opportunities not just the losses that i perceive. 

my trust in Him is also a great comfort and that there is a plan in place that sets out a fantastic adventure ~ bringing me to places i never thought possible. 

for me it is all about perspective, and in that, seeing the blessing that ‘my lot’ has provided; knowing that along the way we have opportunities that i would have otherwise not had. 

i know for a fact i have learned lessons here that i would never have had at home had i been in a comfy spot in little ol’ nz. leaving has created an appreciation for how change really is the only constant in life. 

so ‘my lot’ is beneficial, it has shaped me. i can see that change is hard but powerful, and i would never take that away. 

4 replies on “ch-ch-changes

  1. I truly believe the difficult obstacles in life make us better and stronger! Love to read that you believe that too! I'm thrilled to be following you now! Found you through the blog every day challenge.



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