Ten things that make me really happy.

Happiness to me is:

  1. when my son cups my face and smiles and coos at me – I am overwhelmed by those moments.
  2. lying in bed late at night and having deep and meaningfuls with my hubby – I feel so connected and understood.
  3. sitting in a cafe, with beautiful music playing and catching up with a close friend – I love to listen and share with those I trust.
  4. catching up with someone spontaneously and being lost in time; hours pass and I don’t even realize – I love how time is taken out of the occasion in those opportunities.
  5. encouraging someone to do their best or to succeed at something – I long to make people realize they have so much potential and to remind them of that.
  6. laughing with my mum when we don’t have to explain the joke – I love having the same sense of humor and knowing that someone ‘gets it’.
  7. receiving something in the mail, especially here – I just know it was such an effort to write out our address.
  8. wandering along a nearly-empty beach with our dogs – I love to see Vince go crazy over fetching and feeling free in all the space.
  9. getting out for a roadtrip somewhere, maybe to revisit or experience somewhere for the first time. I love the music, the breeze, the views of new places; the possibilities.
  10. being reminded that happiness is part of a journey and that it’s not always about today but the tomorrows to follow – I think the quote below sums it up.
 ‘Happiness is a journey, not a destination; happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it’s too late. 
The time for happiness is today not tomorrow.’ 
-Paul H Dunn

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