my most embarrassing moment. i am ready to spill.

embarrassing moments abound in my world. as i say here, my clumsiness can be forgivable but maybe my moments of shamefacedness have caused many to laugh at me and i can now say i have learned to join in and laugh too. 

sitting here running through scenarios i could share, many stories surface… the one where my brother had to carry me from a taxi to my house, colouring my hair bright orange here in Korea would suffice also. or how about that time i had a complete conversation with someone that thought i was someone else? in which i attempted to bluff my way through in order to not be ‘found out’. yeah those could be good.

but instead i am going to take you back a ‘few’ years for this one… my first year of university. ahem, just a few years ago...

in my first year, my biggest lecture was psychology 101. it would have had approximately 400 students in attendance and was a large lecture hall. me in amongst the crowd, just a number and on this particular day i didn’t sit next to anyone i knew. i also sat right at the start of the row – closest to the wall – meaning= no escape. 

this lecture was an early one, and on this particular day Ii had brought h20 with me as i was ‘dry’ from the previous night’s escapade. so here i am prepped and ready for focusedness and hydration. pen hovering above the page, sitting on the edge of my seat. i greet the person who sits next to me; it’s a full house this morning. she also places everything down on the desk, a pump bottle, her papers etc. 

the lecture is now in full swing, notes are scribbled and i am getting through my water fast. i am thirsty and know i will finish the bottle in this first lecture. as we near the end of the talk, i am suddenly aware of a feeling of awkwardness – you know that feeling when someone is squirming and building up to wanting to say something to you and you can feel it so thick, like it’s overshadowing you? yes. i remember and i think this is why i always remember this moment… 

the moment i look down to realise that i have been chugging down this strangers pump bottle the whole time. reaching away from where my bottle stands pristine and untouched to theirs!

and i’m trapped. 

i know for a fact my heart started pumping and i wanted to be swallowed into the crevices of the old lecture hall. 

i think why it is so embarrassing is because there was NO ESCAPE and the person definitely knew and was annoyed. i had to sit their for a whole 10 minutes more, focused on the awkward scenario.

bahahaha. i like to think their water just tasted better. i have fine taste in water. 

so their you go, hold your bottles close or else i may just swipe them from underneath you!

One thought on “hold your bottle close

  1. Love it! That would have made me squirm as well. I have done the conversation thing as well, when I've thought my partner was walking beside me in a shopping mall and it was a complete stranger. Mind you, he went one better when he reached slightly behind him to hold 'my' hand only to find it wasn't me.


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