Sickness, school events and celebrations have kept me super busy this week!
I am thankful to share that Baby Hub is all clear of sickness now. He had been battling with a double ear infection for over a week. This boy is still so sweet and happy even though I know it has been painful; not to mention anti-biotics issues.  Loving that he is starting to chew on everything! He shows so much determination when he wants to put something in his mouth. Teething is coming up fast I think.

I love special events at school. We had a read-a-thon day at school on Wednesday and I was Piglet… Chosen because at the moment, this is Isaiah’s favorite. This was a day intertwined with intensity and fun!

Phew, it was a great success and the students really enjoyed the great activities that the staff prepared. It was just nice to have a day to mix altogether and to celebrate reading and a love of book characters. 

 I love our community. On Friday, we had our annual ANZAC BBQ – see 2011’s here. This event is where us Kiwis and Aussies share something special here in our community. Coming together with many colleagues of different backgrounds and commemorating our ANZACs and what they did for us and the world.

Our friend, Mike shared great words to begin the evening, explaining why we celebrate and connecting it to what is happening on the soil that we stand on here in Korea. We are so thankful for what could be seen as peace right now.

We recognize those that fought for our freedom and we remember them. We also pray for freedom between the two countries divided here on the peninsula we live in. 

The countdown is on until the end of our school year. Six weeks to go and we will be returning to Aotearoa for a few weeks and then onto the Gold Coast of Australia. Lots to do and lots to look forward to!

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