{ sick }
Baby Hub has been poorly for the last week and a half, it is getting kicked to the curb but it sure is horrible to see our boy go through their first major sickness. He is a resilient little one and will be back to 100% in no time.

{ revisit }

Reading this post again, and revisiting my goal for the year. I feel challenged by what I have written ~ and how feelings or circumstances can change in a matter of months. I want to reconnect with my goals and push through this season I am in!

{ stretched }
I have many other words that I could use to describe the last three weeks in my head but I will use stretched to summarize. Right now life in all aspects seems to be pulling me to a point of tension ~ like a rubber band that has no more spring left ~ but I am adopting the ‘chip, chip, chip away’ strategy. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

{ color }
Color is springing forth around us and we couldn’t be more relieved! It is the season that brings forth hope and a feeling of freedom. Some super fun events are set on our calendar this month so I am super excited to be out enjoying this season.

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