Isaiah, at four months you…

** have picked up on raspberry blowing, especially when you are not happy!
** expediently use your hands now, gripping, grabbing and even hugging around my neck
** on average, only wake once during the night with a PB of 10.5 hours!

** still love to meet lots of new friends

Hanging out with our friend Chan Mi

** love to jump and when you become annoyed we call them ‘grumpy jumpies’
** have been on your first family holiday
** have started dribbling like crazy!
** adore engaging with our mirror at the front door, you smile and coo at yourself and get so excited!
** giggle with your daddy; he is funny and always makes you laugh
** constantly want to sit up by yourself, but are still mastering the balance from side to side 

**  love it especially when your mum and dad and you are altogether you look between us and are so engaged
** are content to be carried and cooed over by others and flash a smile at the cleaning ladies at school
** are able to be surprised and especially with our soft toy piglet that daddy uses to distract you
** are working on tummy time lots

** are exploring music, listening to your dad learn the guitar and hitting on the xylophone
** still love the change table and taking a bath, your play mat could also be added to the list now
** wake up and hold your hands together as if out of politeness, so charming my boy…
** have started to enjoy sucking and chewing your thumb more, but pretty much every digit goes into your mouth at the moment!


You melt me, I can’t help but be so proud of the character you are unfolding. Especially when you lean into me and grip me around the neck for a personalized hug. I love reading to you and see you study the pictures and grip my hands as I hold the book. You are learning so much and now that it is warmer outside you love to be in the sun too. Tummy time is a focused time for you and wanting to sit and stand is your number one priority! The countdown in on for us to be on summer holidays and see our family in NZ. You are going to love it!

My love will always find you,

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