This year, we traveled down to Busan ~ the second largest city and on the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. It was our first trip away with baby Hub. It was amazing how being by the sea can be so refreshing!

 The weather was a lot warmer than where we are in the north, with one day reaching 19degrees!

On our first night we had galbi (korean bbq) for dinner, with our boy waking up halfway through. As a blue-eyed boy, Isaiah garners a lot of attention so one ajuma wrapped him up and enjoyed showing him off while we finished our meal. Children are truly cherished here in this country and it is very safe to show affection to little ones. Many parents beam when you engage with their child and compliment them. I love this about Korea.

 It was great to connect with our friend, Mike and his daughter we worked with and who now live and work at an international school there. Isaiah got lots of attention and hugs, I love his look here – ‘oh girls!’

We walked along the boulevard (something I was craving when we had planned this trip) together and learned a little more from Mike about this big city. It is a very international location because it is the largest port on the peninsula.

The boulevard was all I had hoped it could be, but unfortunately no waves were to be had for Hubby. But maybe next time!

We also discovered a lot about traveling with a little. In the past we have been all about packing in as much adventure as possible but here we planned one thing a day and chilled. Napping together as a family at times too, I really should find the same blackout curtains as the Hotel we stayed at, they worked wonders for us all and are an awesome invention!

Isaiah was so fascinated by the fish and other water life. There were beautiful displays but it does move you to think about how many of these marine life are not seen in the wild here.

This is a great place to visit in Busan, located right on the waterfront at Hyundae beach.

Eating fresh at local eateries was really great.

It was special to bond with our boy more and make memories of our first holiday trip away as a family.

Thanks Busan, we loved the relaxed atmosphere, sun and your variety! We may just make a trip back again sometime.

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