{ warm }
the new buds can be seen, the days are warming up and a picnic is to be had tomorrow.
{ tension  }
we live on a peninsula with two countries connected ethnically but who are technically at war. if you were to ask what is going on right now, i would say there are threats and a whole lot of posturing. our heads are not in the sand, we have bags packed and a contingency plan but praying for peace.
{ bond }
as our baby boy grows he is weaving us more closer as a family. hubby and i share in so many joys together and we are trying to work together not against each other when things get tricky.
{ no  }
i am not one to like to say no to people. but I did it yesterday with sincerity and care. i didn’t add another rock to an already-full wagon i {figuratively} haul around. it was seriously liberating. i should do it more often – haha!
just a snippet of now. 
what words sum up right now for you? would love for you to link up with me here!

2 replies on “four words for right now {March 2013}

  1. Thanks friend, but life does go on here. We are aware there is lots of media informing of things at the moment but we trust that for now, things will settle down. But yes, why can't everyone just get along! Pray for unification for Korea!


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