This is Korea!

Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea. With a population of 25.6 million (with 632,000 international residents) as of 2012 in the greater area, it is ranked as the second largest metropolitan area in the world behind Tokyo. And yes we drive around Seoul nearly every weekend, folks! We live 40 minutes south of Seoul. It sure can give me goosebumps at times, moving like a school of fish through this city.

Apartment living is what we experience here.

The above picture is taken from a viewing platform in one main place to visit in Seoul; Seoul Tower. You can see that apartment buildings stretch for the eye to see. Right into the dark hills to the left. It absolutely blows.your.mind with how many people are here and how closely you live around others you know nothing about.

I am going to focus on one aspect that had me guessing when I first arrived. How do you move from a an apartment situated high above?

Hubby was able to get footage of this a couple of weeks ago, here is the answer:

Pretty nifty, hey?

Movers use electronic platforms that move the furniture to the open truck. No helmets, no barriers, just-get-the-job-done! I made the near-grave error of accidentally walking under one in my first year here! Whoah, it sure gave me a huge fright!

* Sidenote: The South Korean part of the peninsula is 70% mountains and forestry. Therefore there is only so much land the people can live on, living ‘up’ instead of ‘out’ is a way to provide the millions of residents living in a small area, comfortable living in a small land space. It sure is a concrete jungle!

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