It’s three months since you entered this world. Where has all the time gone? Here are some things I want to share with you at this time…

I can’t help but spy on you while you nap and love catching you smiling in your sleep. I think you may be a sleep talker like your dad ~ there’s been a few times where I have raced to your aide but have tiptoed away because you were sleep talking/yelping.

You are so observant my boy, you love nothing better than to watch out a window or study your surroundings. You have this staunch look on your face when you hold your head up now and love to be balanced lightly on your feet. You want to be a big boy I think.

You have started to grab things and bring them to your mouth to investigate, even chomping on daddy’s thumb. At present you favor your left hand when playing and are much more active with it than your right. You have a good kick on you too kid, you love pushing off with them when you get picked up or resting one on the person changing you.

Much to your daddy’s bewilderment you are currently a strawberry blonde (did you hear that Bundy?), your hair is starting to sprout and we can see blonde patches coming through now. Your big blue eyes win me over every time and light up when you smile. I think you will use them to your advantage in the future 😉

You have completed the first round of immunization shots ~ we are thankful to get that under our belts, the last one you were so brave and only cried for a super short time. You first cold has come with the change of season but you overall a healthy little man.

Thank you, thank you for the great sleeps we are getting recently (well, overall you have been an amazing sleeper so far!) ~ you periodically sleep through the night and on the other days only wake up once! What a legend you are!

A few of your favorite things: bath time with daddy; hilariously fun and we get great laughs from your seriousness when splashing; still the changing table; watching rugby, and having your hands ‘eaten’ by your dad ~ check this out below:

Well, to end I want to say that the last three months have been super special to me in so many ways. Adding to this that you have little cousin, Elyse, to share life with now ~ here is a picture of you and her meeting for the first time, with Uncle Matt and Aunty Shannell! I can’t wait for this to be in person in June!
Keep being you. All my love,
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3 replies on “isaiah: three months!

  1. I think that writing this precious little man notes from mum is priceless. I think it will be amazing words for him and for you as time goes on. It'll speed by, much to your dismay but I think you and Mark are two very amazing parents.


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