march is the soft pink of new blossoms
the sound of once-silent birds spreading their tune
march tastes like sweet fruit smoothies and crispy apples
and smells like a fragrant warm breeze
march looks like the shedding of layers and bright colours escaping
it feels like celebrations and hope all wrapped into one

my birthday
baby hub reaching the three month milestone
spring break (eeep)
not wearing my down jacket anymore
getting my nails painted
touch rugby starting up
longer evenings of sun streaming through out apartment
going for walks in the evenings
refreshed by spring once again

i hope march is full of good things for you!

joining in with Meghan

8 replies on “an ode to march

  1. Such a gorgeous ode to March! Lovely post and lots to look forward to – makes me feel easier about 'letting go' of our summer – as the northern hemisphere definitely deserves a big fix of sunshine after the cold winter. Visiting via MNM's (a friend of Meghan's from Welly, NZ).


  2. Totally agree after a cold Korean winter, nothing beats spring here that I have experienced yet! Enjoy the long sunny evenings of March back home 🙂


  3. I so love your ode to March – so much to hope for with spring on the way 🙂 And golly your little guy is growing up fast 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in with Things I'm Loving – so great to have you!


  4. Dear Meghan, thanks for stopping by! I always love to join in with 'Things I'm loving' ~ it's a great way to end the week. It's a great way to connect with others too… Thanks again!


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