I have been stirred by a recent post by my friend, Jacksta.

Her words rung in my ears for days…

‘What I have learnt from my couple years of blogging is if you want to make friendships through blogging, you connect though commenting on blog posts. Commenting shows you care and a reciprocal relationship can be built. It is silly to assume that because you comment on someones blog, that they must in turn do the same to you…it wont always happen, so don’t be offended. just keep it fun people!’
Way to hit it home for me…

For a while now I took comments off my blog writing:

‘In the past I have set myself up for silly feelings of inadequacies or comparisons because I was waiting for people to comment on my blog.

In reflection, that is not where I want to be – I want to feel the freedom of posting things again and not the focus on comments.

I realize I was a wee defensive and needed that for a while to get my mojo back for blogging but in doing that I also created a one-sided conversation, an echo in an empty room. A place was created where I could share but without any feedback it does get boring.

You see, I love blogging. I love reading and giggling about things I can relate too, wiping away tears through loss or pain… I especially like to visit kiwi blogs as it is a glimpse of home, of kiwi culture and the like. I love to get to know people and to find common feelings and ideals.

Confession time: I am prone to being a bit of a blog ‘lurker’. Creating a bookmark, checking blogs but not actually joining and adding to the conversation.

But I really want that to change. I really want to grow friendships through these amazingly talented writers and bloggers.

I know you readers are out there and I would really like to get to know you better, to find out about your lives and to share some of mine. In doing that, it could build a friendship.

I am excited to get to know you all better so I have to make that happen right?

So.. ‘ahem, check one two..’ is anyone out there? Please feel free to say hi πŸ™‚

3 replies on “it’s back on

  1. Hi! I'm out there! My setting is that my Korean teacher is doing review with students in Korean and I have been told to take a rest! So, I'm enjoying being on face book and also catching up with your blogs. I am so impressed with your inspirational writing and I count it a privilege to be counted an old friend. πŸ™‚


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