Isaiah at 2 months
  • still adores the change table; will stop mid cry and laugh when put on it
  • holds a new record of 7 and half hours for the longest sleep so far and this is now quite a regular occurrence
  • feeds about every 2 hours
  • still loves his hands and reacts to having them pushed through clothes, is fearful they are being taken away!
  • loves having a bath with his dad
  • had his first shot at 6 weeks and was heard to cry in pain for the first time. Next are two shots this Thursday 😦
  • is on the verge of laughing
  • sucks his hands (not just his thumb) when by himself or hungry
  • clearly knows what he likes in music, piano is not a favorite but strings are in!
  • loves to chat with lots of goo’s and gaa’s
  • looks in detail at contrasting colors 
  • loves to hold his head up when sitting on your lap
  • has settled well into the Early Learning Center at school and has made new friends
  • uses a repetitive word of ‘agoo’ and is chuffed when we say it back to him!
  • loves his bouncer seat and often falls asleep there
  • added pet names: my little peanut (followed by a kiss on the head from daddy), hungry hippo

What an eventful month we have had my little one, flying here to a new home for you… and getting adjusted to life at school. I am SO proud of you, you are teaching me many things everyday about what is good and enough.  You are so much fun ~ this journey with you is so exciting. I especially love how you light up when I come to visit you in the ELC, you know me! And how you hold my arm with your hand when nursing. Your big blue eyes are so expressive. 
I love you my boy.

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