Hi there, we have returned to our lives here in South Korea to a balmy 1degree Celsius and crisp weather with a chance of snow! A big difference to the summer we have just experienced in NZ.

Today marks the final day of my maternity leave and the transition to being a working mother. Here in Korea, we are very fortunate to have a unique opportunity at our school, where our son will be in an Early Learning center based on campus. For us this is a great opportunity to be together and ultimately be available for Isaiah whenever possible.

During our time here our jobs have been a huge percentage of our day, and for me a major focus at home as well. I am now needing to put this into perspective and develop a new strategy in how I function and commit my time. I know I am ready.

 I am not the biggest fan of change to say the least and this one comes with lots of mixed emotions. And uncertainty and apprehensiveness. In all things I hold onto the hope that this will be the right fit for my son and his needs. Only time will tell.

I am looking forward to learning about myself in new situations, becoming even a tighter team with my Hubby and accepting the support that is so readily available from our amazing friends here. God ultimately is our source of peace and trust. He knows what we need at any time but also when we feel stretched.

I keep wanting to take everything on and generate the perception of being a super mum, but right now I don’t know what that means or even if it is the right thing. Maybe super mum isn’t what I should be aiming for but it’s about being a mum that is super for her son..?

One thing I do know is this is a great opportunity to be empowered.
I’ll let you know.

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