How has your new year started? I am loving this year so far and I hope you are too!

For me, 2013 has started off with a bang, especially with the realization that I have lots to learn about being a mum and knowing I will be holding on as our next adventure unfolds. 

I see 2013 as an exciting year of new experiences and growth for us as a family but especially myself personally. 
I want to share an important word for me this year. Instead of making new year resolutions, I choose a word for my year as many others do. 

My word this year is empower. 

 ‘ To invest with power, to equip or supply with an ability; enable ‘ 

I want this little-big word to encompass my thoughts and actions on many levels. I don’t want to just empower myself by own actions this year, my desire is to be empowered by my Lord and King. To seek his face earnestly and to come into a new confidence through new revelations. 

Being a family of three, is so special right now. I also want to empower my hubby to be the best leader and father he can be. I want to hold to our vows in new and fresh way.  

Lastly, my job is very people-orientated and I want this little-big word to permeate into my working life as well. I want to be a person of influence in a new and unique way ~ I don’t know what this is yet but I feel it bubbling up inside me; to develop a new way of supporting people around me. I love to encourage and equip people to be successful and I want to empower people to reach new levels in themselves. This truly excites me!  

Thanks for tuning in here and I pray that 2013 is a year that opens new opportunities and joy to you.

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