Dear 2012,

First of all, what a roller coaster you were. There were thrills, spills and loop de loops. You were a year of growth on so many levels, culminating in the birth of our beautiful baby boy
You are now a patchwork of amazing memories; our epic ‘baby moon’ in Europe, winning a new position at my school, signing for another two years in Korea, a missions trip to Nepal, learning about the limits of our emotional selves, celebrating 4 amazing years with my favorite…. There are many more.
This year will go down as a big transition time with lots of friendships cemented. I so appreciate now, through hindsight, the learning that has taken place, the tears shed and the laughs ricocheting in my head. 
Thank you 2012. You were totally worth it.

Clockwise: 4 generations, waiting for an ultrasound, Sorakson National Park with team Kiwi, Hubby in Zurich, Anna and Jono in Koln, Hubby’s touch rugby team, Autumn photos, Piza, Mum’s visit to Korea, Rome, baby Hub bump.

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