it is so great to be home in nz when i can get invited to the whangarei bloggers dessert night! thanks to jackie for inviting me to such a fun night last night – especially when i feel like i know people as i have read their blogs, it makes it way easier to break the ice…

they are such a great, fun-loving group of women who i can’t wait to connect with again either through cyber space or even better, in person!

dessert was amazing! here jackie is demonstrating her nursing prowess with dessert sauces that were injected into doughnuts – yummo!

today at about 10.30am, nz had a partial solar eclipse. i was busy doing some organising of things but did notice the sunlight had gotten really dark and eery. thinking it was going to rain, as NZ is known for four-seasons-in-one-day, i just didn’t think too much about it until my brother matt called saying he was checking it out through a welder’s mask! i decided to grab my polarised sunglasses and could just make it out. Β it sure was hard to catch in a photograph though… you might just be able to see a section of the sun missing through the lens but maybe it’s just my imagination πŸ˜‰

it’s been a great couple of days and lots more to look forward to!

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