Last night we gathered together with friends for dinner and some fun times before I fly out to NZ in 6 sleeps! Wow, it has come up so fast…

‘ Karaoke is most commonly called “Noraebang” (노래방, literally, “song room”) in Korea, but various Korean alternatives like Norae yeonseupjang (노래연습장), or Norae yeonseupshil (노래연습실) are also sometimes used. Noraebang is even conducted in transport vehicles such as tourist buses. Noraebang is the equivalent to the Karaoke-Box in Japan, whereas singing before an audience of a karaoke bar is called Karaoke (카라오케) in Korea. ‘

Noraebang is something that lets of steam and is fun to do with a large group, especially the friends we went with last night… There was everything thrown in the mix from ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ to Bon Jovi’s ‘Dead or a Alive’… Hubby even chose the ‘Wiggle and Giggle’ song. 

Loving it Kim!

In Noraebang you need space to really shake your tail feather…

Sometimes your face says it all…

Shot of the night I believe, backing dancers included!

A bit of slow dancing…

Mike did not feature in the singing this night but got acquainted with the song books and scrutinizing the best choice of songs for the amount of time we had…

And girls just want to have funnn…

Baby Hub was kicking around and loved it too!
It was so awesome to have a good laugh with some good music… These photos are priceless!

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