Mum has been staying for the last 10 days. It has been amazing to have her here and to introduce her to life in South Korea. She left this morning, heading for a two day stopover before returning home to NZ.

She was able to experience so much since on her visit here. A special memory was for her to be here for my combined baby shower that was put on by friends and colleagues from GSIS. It was extra special to share this with her.

Here are a few highlights of mum’s trip to South Korea:

Visiting Changdeokgung Palace with Judy.

Celebrating being together at Outback with Jim and Carol Millar
Outside our church, Jubilee. 

Climbing Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon.

Taking in the view at the top of our walk.
Visiting the Korean Folk Village and stepping back in time. 

Enjoying traditional Korean food, here we had Bibimbap (vegetables and rice served in a hotpot that cooks the food) and Bindaetteok (Mung bean pancake). Delicious!
Enjoying the beautiful weather at the village. 
Taking the journey up to Namsan Seoul Tower and enjoying the clear views and all the ‘locked in love’ that couples put around the tower. 
Overlooking the mountain ranges together.

Having a crazy adventure in Myeongdong – the super busy shopping centre of Seoul. Having fun at the show ‘Nanta’ and then people watching everywhere!

Trying some street food a long the way home – here is battered potato crisps!
Hubby and I loved having you come to stay mum, see you in NZ next and the arrival of baby Hub. 

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