Hi everyone,

I wanted to share something Hubby did last Sunday… He ran a 10km run for the DMZ Peace run.

An awesome event that supports peace between North and South Korea. We even got a 3kg bag of rice from the DMZ area with being enrolled for the event! I think that will last a while!

Hubby went with a big group of friends and colleagues from our school – leaving at 3:45am to catch the bus for a 2+ hour ride to the northern area it was being held… and in the end coming back at 5:30pm – a massive day! But one filled with great achievements and bit of fun thrown in when a group went to the jimjilbang (gender segregated hot jacuzzi and sauna places here in Korea) to relax the muscles while they waited for the longer races to finish.

I am so proud of him for doing this and he getting a time of 58mins for his first 10km run, I thought he did an awesome job.

He said he wants to do another one and better his time now! Go MP!

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