I have been horribly sick this week, with a nasty flu bug that is doing the circuits here at our school. 
I am loving how my sweet husband made me feel so loved on Tuesday, even when I was feeling miserable!
In every apartment here we have a video control board which lets us see if visitors want to be let into our building and a camera at the front door of our apartment. Quite often we have random people press our apartment number so we usually ignore them. 
On Valentine’s day, feeling sorry for myself in bed, I heard the tune start playing and so I thought to just let it play and it would stop. It kept going so I got up and checked the video screen… I certainly didn’t recognize the Korean man at our building’s door. I then got a phone call. And as I started to speak my very un-fluent korean, the person on the other end quickly realized I could’t speak to him and he couldn’t speak to me! We then hang up… 
Later on, I find out that he was a flower delivery man! 
Second time round he is successful and we laugh together as he hands me the flowers and says to me ‘Mistu Hu-budo’ in broken English. 
So today I am joining in with Paisley-Jade and loving my red roses, chuckling about a funny scenario in a still-somewhat-foreign land.

(I can’t add the linky button today 😦 )

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