november has been and gone, but what fun measures hubby took to raise money for an important cause he and his colleagues wanted to support!
during the month, he took a photo of his progress daily with differing names for his mo. i chuckled a lot with his photography skills and captions…
be in awe of his transformation.
open-ceremony mo / is it working? mo / Cautious mo / friday evening mo / disconcerting mo
self-conscitious mo / tender mo / looking-at-you-sideways mo / angry mo / reflective mo
fantastic-friday-man-date mo / big-bad-wolf mo / northland mo / mr. mu mo / milk mo
working-class-man mo / tuff mo / relaxed mo / christmas mo / creeping-over-the-lip mo
china mo / korean-teddy mo / romantic mo / raccoon mo / clouded mo
mascara mo / mr. ohm mo / horseshoe mo / fancy mo 
lastly, here is a collage of his team taken by a colleague todd. 
aren’t they a handsome crew?
in total, this team raised over $3,700 for the cause. thanks to all the donations and for the effort these fine men made.
just so you know, hubby tried to keep his mo for most of December 1st but i was swift to remind him that movember was done and dusted. he quickly complied. 
i didn’t realise he had captured the process he took to take it off though so i have to share it with you.
ah, phew another year of fending off the mo is over… the sound of the electric razor was oh-so-sweet!
how do you feel about moustaches? are you a fan?

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