Smiles as we travel on the bus to Gimpo Airport.

We traveled to the island of Jeju off the Southern coast of Korea. On the first day we took a walk down to Jungmun Beach.
The surrounds were beautiful. It is a very mountainous island with lots of green and the blue of the sea.

We enjoyed the outdoors a lot.
I am very experimental with food but not as much as Mark’s dad. He is lover of crazy food and ESPECIALLY seafood. Can you guess what I am trying here? I like to say that I am very easy going with food but this is the first thing in Korea where I have seriously wanted to hurl! It’s seaweed that is like wool basically, green fluffy, cold. As you can see I buckled under the pressure…
I love this shot. We really enjoyed going to Jungmun Beach. I went for a swim in the clearest water, and enjoyed the shrieks and giggles of the others on the beach, aware that they aren’t used to sea water. My in-laws enjoyed paddling and catching the views too. 

I went for a walk on the rocks to find Hubby surfing with another lone long boarder. 
Here he is. Having a bit of light fun out in the waves. It is supposed to pick up this weekend so he is keen to come back to the island again for better surf but maybe not until later in the year 🙂
On our second full day we took buses around to the eastern side of Jeju and travelled by ferry to Udo Island. We named it the ‘Craggy Island’ of Korea. It really reminded us of it! It was heaps of fun, we hired an electric golf cart and spied lots of animals along the way. In the top of this photo collection is a pool made out of the volcanic rocks that are found all a long the coast. 
We all really enjoyed circumnavigating this small island and checking out the sites.
Thank you Jeju, for the sweet times… We loved hanging out with Hubby’s parents,  how low key it was here, Jeju’s friendly helpful people and the warm ocean waves. Might see you again soon!

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